10 Conspiracy Theories About Minecraft

10 Conspiracy Theories About Minecraft

Take out the tin foil caps, and be ready to enter the realm that is alien abduction. There are many people who are able to make up amazing and fascinating stories to explain the bizarre and mysterious. Gamers are known for their ingenuity when they come up with theories. There are even whole YouTube channels devoted exclusively to this topic. Gamers can come up with theories about any game in existence. We’ve also done lists on all of the major gaming franchises, including Pokemon, Resident Evil, Sonic the Hedgehog, and many more. Certain of the theories are sufficient to totally make games unplayable or are scary as well as so absurd, they could actually be real. Now, it’s Minecraft’s turn.

Minecraft was a huge success and gained the spotlight long before it left its early stages. People were affluent in the open-world Sandbox and became completely crazy. A lot of people used the game to design massive models of genitalia, or their most loved memes. Many have recreated their favourite video game characters or whole worlds, like Harry Potter. Some have built designs that rival those of the greats, while others have figured out how to make an operating computer that is that is the size of the city. While the less inventive part of the population was content by surviving the night. However, Minecraft had something to offer you.

As with every other game that is popular, Minecraft has been awash with fan theories. Some are out of the ordinary and others are rooted in the realm of science. Beware that there are spoilers for the is known as Minecraft contains. The spoilers are already six years old as of now however, you’ve been warned.

10. The Origin Story

Every thing has a beginning. Golbolco offered a few possible scenarios as to how the creatures of Minecraft might have developed. The zombies may have been from a long-lost civilization or explorers who contracted the deadly virus and altered their bodies into the form we have now. Villagers can be immune, or the virus is not able to reproduce. The hordes continue to roam Minecraft. In the event that you eliminate a dead zombie they will return as the form of a skull. Creepers are an improved version of zombies which does not require an host. As they increase in size, they release spores which then grow to form new creepers. These Giant Spiders, on the other hand, are the smaller descendants of larger spiders. The skeletons of a few learned to house these spiders, and eventually became Spider Jockeys. Squids are a reincarnation of the ancient spiders which became underwater with eyes that were lost. Their legs transformed into tentacles as well as their sacs of poison morphed into sacs of ink.

9. Herobrine

While Herobrine was initially conceived as a basic Creepypasta It has since grown into a massive conspiracy that has engulfed all of the Minecraft group. The background of Herobrine is quite simple. A player encountered another Steve when he was playing the single player mode of the game. The strange Steve was without eyes and was seen in the mist, or randomly in tunnels and pyramids. There were also strange regions like 2×2 tunnels with no leaves, or tiny Sand pyramids that were found at sea. The web has named this ghostly creature as Herobrine. The story was popularized shortly after its initial rounds on the internet, a handful of Let’s players added Herobrine to their videos. They were incredibly shocked the camera. Since then, a number of players claim that they saw Herobrine despite the creators explicitly affirming Herobrine does not exist. In reality some of the theories listed on this list have another version that claimed Herobrine played a role.

8. The End Of The World

“Once once upon a while, all the world’s inhabitants died and there was only one remaining, Steve. He must now begin to rebuild and be by himself.” Thank you TeamCarbon you’ve earned your Apocalypse achievement.

TeamCarbon’s short apocalypse theories is among the several similar theories. It’s also the shortest one. Another theory suggests the following: the Minecraft Survival Mode began right in the aftermath of it was discovered that Ender Dragon and its minions took over the world. While the attack ultimately failed but it was a huge scare for the entire planet. The curse or the disease took hold and destroyed nearly all of the inhabitants and then reanimated the bodies as skeletons, zombies, or zombies. Steve, the hero of the title, Steve, might be the last human in the world in his own estimation. It’s on Steve to stop his opponent, the Ender Dragon and end the curse.

7. Diamond Armor Sucks

Diamond armor is by far the most sought-after and sought-after item in the game. It’s tough and will make you more resilient to every battle. But, it may not be the most ideal for you. The amount of diamonds required to make the armor is absurd. In the game, it requires 24 diamonds. In real life it would take 1160lbs, or 526.5kgs. MatPat estimates that it could cost $88,188,750,000.98 for a complete package of Minecraft quality diamond armor. Even if you can spend the money or wear it, it would not safeguard you. As he said, “hardness and toughness are two different things.” Diamonds are indeed the most hard natural mineral found that exists. They also have what’s called a”cleavage plane. These are the places you can easily cut the diamond. Diamonds also have numerous Cleavage planes. Because Minecraftarmor is square, Minecraftarmor can be square and rounded, all planes of cleavage are perpendicular or parallel to ground. All you need is a clean cut from either the top or the side, and you’ll be able to go home with your sparkling diamond armor as well as a chunk off your own body.

6. Creepers Are Pigs

It is believed that the Creepers are pigs but not only in the glutton-for-punishment kind of manner. The theory is based upon the real account. Notch when he was working on the development for the game playing with the model of a pig and mistakenly distorted it into being extremely tall and thin. Instead of correcting the error, Notch decided to make it into a completely new mob because he enjoyed the game so greatly. The theory extends the story, claiming the Creepers are a new breed of the pig. One that happens to love explosions. The Creeper’s height Creeper was altered when it was pushed further into the forest and required to get food sources in the trees. The green color of the Creeper is just camouflage. It is true that Creepers have recently begun to move into caves due to darkness and abundance with edible mushroom. In addition, Creepers are highly territorial and are only found in small groups of two or three members. If the herd is threatened when threatened, a Creeper will be willing to sacrifice itself for the benefit of the group and then blow itself up to remove the threat.

5. Black Star

Dead Sun theory Dead Sun theory runs in the same pattern as Dead World theories which are popular on the internet. But, this theory takes a completely different path. Spumwack presented his theories on YouTube and then goes into details. The short and the long part is Minecraft is set in the distant future, where our Sun has died an endurable death. The Sun became cold, and as a result, there was no possibility of life on our Solar System. In an effort to save themselves, mankind left Earth and offered it up to make an entirely new Sun. They then set their sights on the star that had died and turned it into the planet we recognize and cherish. The colonists brought in soil, stones and a variety of life forms to populate the planet. This is what makes the world large and has a rock layer just two feet beneath the soil.

4. Wake Up Steve

The end of Minecraft reiterates one phrase that is key to the game: “Wake up.” The game is described as it’s a “short dream” and everything else is an “long dream.” Reddit user Gudic believes that this implies that all of Steve’s dreams are his. It starts out in survival mode in which all things are out to get you, and you have to stay alive. But when the gameplay progresses and you discover the game’s mechanics, you gain some control. It gets more intense until you reach Creative Mode, the supposed “sequel” to Survival Mode. The Creative Mode is the clearer side of the more terrifying Survival Mode. The bizarre background noises are the distortions of the world outside. The two speakers of the closing poem are both part of Steve. One of them is Steve’s spiritual side. Another is Steve’s fear. Whatever the case Steve’s fears, he has to get up.

3. Mr. Robot

The majority of people believe that Steve is a person. Reddit user Nameless88 is of a different opinion. They even went as in stating that Steve is actually an android. It is undisputed that Steve can perform amazing feats that are beyond human comprehension. He’s pretty large for his height, standing over six feet tall. He can run at an astonishing speed of 5.2 millimeters per second, and leap 13 feet in the air. Steve can cut the tree’s trunk with his hands alone and not hurt himself. Steve is an expert in a range of fields, such as mining, blacksmithing and engineering. Additionally, Steve can down an entire chicken cooked in just seven bites. Furthermore, he’s able to carry an incredible 44,564,800kg! That’s 2304 cubic metres of material. The only reason Steve isn’t robotic is because there are biological functions that he has to observe and is covered by flesh.

2. The Meaning Of Life, The Universe, And Everything

Minecraft’sending is a bit controversial. The beta and alpha games did not have a story or plot whatsoever. But when the finished game finally came out it came with a bizarre and abrupt end. Once you defeat the Ender Dragon and defeat the Ender Dragon, you’ll have to listen to 10 minute of written text. The text is a conversation between two godlike and powerful figures who discuss the game and you in a deeply meta philosophical manner. Many players understood the long scroll as a reference to the typical “get off your computer and live message that we hear repeatedly. In contrast, MatPat was a bit different. When he made the Game Theory video, he claims that the real meaning that the game conveys is “waking up to important and powerful you are in crafting the world.” It does not matter if you’re jogging around in the open or collecting materials for a game. What you do is what matters. According to the game: “Everything is within you… You are never alone… You are stronger than you know.” Minecraftis about showing the player their personal ability and providing them with the tools necessary to make their dreams come into the game as well as in real life.

1. Secretly Religious

Minecraft can be described as quite simple. It’s a game of digging holes, and trying not to be blown up by the exploding green monsters. Some players believe mojang’s Minecraft game is in fact an Christian theme video game. Furthermore, they say that it’s specifically designed to impart Christian values to gamers who are not religious. The theory says the idea that the Minecraftworld is similar to way the world looked before the people left the garden of Eden. It’s beautiful and devoid in “human contamination,” but it also has monsters who try to kill you in the night. The game is said to teach important lessons about Jesus by using its crafting methods and progress. Every monster in the game is a reference to something in the Bible. The Ender Dragon is Satan. The Nether is Hell. Monsters are corrupt people who seek to lure people off Christ. The villagers are the disciples, and the sheep are the lambs of God. The game, in essence, is a metaphor for all of. The theory is full of flaws and does not take into consideration any other worldview other than Christians or atheists. It’s not the only thing. Notch himself has declared that his belief in atheism.


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